Bethany's original channel was Rhino Productions. She posted mostly Call of Duty videos, she then made DJAwesomeStar because all of her social media was DJAwesomeStar. Her name came from Club Penguin as she explains in one of her videos. As her DJAwesomeStar channel was going so well she decided to do more that Call of Duty and more than gaming, so she now does any type of video. She is trying to do animation and when her channel becomes more popular she's going to start making music and making more graphic designs for people. Bethany's channel went from 0 subscribers to 50 in a week which she thought was amazing and she was very greatful for people subscribing to her channel. Later she decided to do more videos because she knew people liked her videos and wanted more. Bethany then made a series quite recently called Gaming News, which has slowly gained popularity. She has made many series on the channel which are not continuing because she either lost the save or it didn't gain much popularity. Bethany then decided to do graphics design for people, but she can't do loads because of school and so many requests from people on Twitter. Bethany tries to reply to people quickly, but because of her rising success she can't get back to some people. Her subscribers count is expanding and she is getting her videos watched by people all over the world like Norway and Canada which the says is amazing knowing people are watching me from around the world. She is greatful for people subscribing to her channel and loves all her subscribers.

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