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Bethany Thomas

This information has come from DJAwesomeStar and some of her friends and fans.

Bethany Thomas (Born January 26, 2002) known as DJAwesomeStar on YouTube. She is the leader of Lite Gaming, she does any style video, she isn't very popular on YouTube because she hasn't been doing YouTube for long and it's hard to get subscribers on YouTube. Bethany's most popular series on the channel is Bottle Cap Launch, her most popular video on the channel is Minecraft Keyboard Cat. She is slowly gaining subscribers and views on YouTube, she has Twitch but she rarely livestreams on there, she's planning to livestream on her YouTube channel. Bethany has 3 dogs, Georgie, Ginger and Diego, she sometimes gets interrupted in her videos because of the dogs walking all over her. Bethany is Welsh and currently lives in Wales, her and her family don't have any plans to move house or country. Bethany is a shy YouTuber but she ignores it. Bethany's motto is Stay Musical as her name is to do with music, Bethany has big plans for her channel in the future once she gets 50,000 the big plans will start. Bethany's favorite styles of music are trap and deep house.

Profile DJAwesomeStar
Twitter @DJAwesomeStar
Facebook DJAwesomeStar
Other Media Twitch
Style Anything
Date Joined April 13, 2014
Date Shutdown N/A
Subscribers 200+
Videos 50+
Schedule When She's Able To Upload
Status Active

A fan of DJAwesomeStar asked her "why did you start YouTube and what are your future plans for your channel?" her response was this. "I started YouTube to make people happy, I never got inspired by any other YouTubers. I always made my friends smile when they were sad so they told me to make my own YouTube channel. It's hard to get subscribers as many new YouTubers don't get noticed unless you have many social media accounts to advertise your channel, have friends that could advertise your channel or you buy subscribers which is stupid. I can't reveal my future plans, that's a secret that you'll have to see when I reach 50,000 subscribers". Another fan asked Bethany "What are your top 5 facts about yourself?" her response was this. "Well for one I love making YouTube videos. I'm always on my Xbox, I can play the guitar and drums. This question is actually quite difficult to answer, I love potato salad I don't know why but I just love it, I also have a small family". Bethany is very kind and tries to answer everyone's questions and reply to comments people put up, she has a very nice community. Bethany doesn't have a name for her subscribers as she thinks they are all individual people that don't need a special group name.

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